Your very personal watch feel closeness and connection on your wrist every day

Would you like to own an individual [...]

Would you like to own an individual watch, which is made especially for you? Feel free to contact us, we are open for your ideas. As an independent manufactory, we can react flexibly and quickly to your ideas and create your very own personal, bespoken timepiece.

How about a timepiece that lets you feel very close to a special person every day?

For the bespoken piece INDEX in rosegold shown here, we have applied a child’s drawing of the son of the proud watch owner in the form of a gold thread to the Argenté dial. This timepiece offers you the highest quality at all levels – finest mechanics, most beautiful finish – Schönstes deutsches Handwerk – and the close feeling to your beloved person at any time on your wrist.

Also as a gift for the next generation this timepiece is something very special – for graduation or wedding, maybe you already have the right occasion in mind, which you will be especially proud of?